We pride ourselves on providing a quality product, get to know more about the details below.

The Details

Two-Way Zips

Our onesie features a supremely functional 2-way zip which gives flexibility to unzip from the top or the bottom.  Simply perfect for the dreaded middle of the night nappy change. There is no need to completely undress bub (unless of course there has been a poo explosion).

It is a fantastic feature for easy dressing and changing, no fiddly buttons or press studs to try and line up. 

Those small fastenings can also be a choking hazard if they come loose.

Zips don’t seem like a big deal until one doesn’t work often
rendering the whole product useless. 

Hence why we chose the highest quality zippers from the world’s largest manufacturer YKK. YKK has been manufacturing zips for over 85 years and are the
most trusted company in this industry due to their impeccable production
standards and quality control. 

Giving you peace of mind, these zippers won’t break off or get sticky like cheaper

Another great feature of our zippers are they self-lubricate
with use which makes them feel smoother. Perfect for a high use item such as a
baby onesie.

Our onesie’s zip also features a safety tab to prevent catching or pinching and the cover panel that runs the length of the zip prevents it from
rubbing on baby's soft skin.

Onesies are the perfect piece of clothing that equips any baby for day or night particularly one with the functionality of a two-way zip!

Organic Cotton & GOTS

Onesies are an absolute wardrobe essential for any baby and choosing one that is made from soft organic cotton like Charlie’s Onesie is a safe choice in more ways than one.

Our organic cotton is certified by the highest standard for organics - The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  You can recognize GOTS by its distinctive label, which includes a little white t-shirt surrounded by a green circle. 

As stated on their website (https://global-standard.org) GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain not just the cotton itself.

Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and prohibits genetically modified organisms. 

Therefore, organic cotton has fewer potential allergens, making the fabric gentler on your skin. It is perfect for baby clothes because it’s so soft and won’t irritate the skin like conventional cotton can.

Having one common standard gives consumers the power to choose truly organic products sourced from green supply chains. 

Making your choice of our organic cotton onesies is both ecologically and socially responsible.  Combined with the fact these onesies are suitable for either boys or girls and can be passed on with no hesitation is another tick in the box for sustainable fashion.


No Big Neck Tag

How often have you found yourself cutting tags from your clothes or your children’s clothes because they are scratchy, itchy or plain annoying.  At least speaking kids can tell you, but the little ones can’t, so with that in mind we created our onesie with a printed size tag at the neck.

Here you will find all the size information for each onesie.  Age range in months, size in the O scale, recommended weight, and height for that size range.  Please remember that these figures are only a guide and not a hard and fast rule.

Due to the 4 way stretch in our fabric you may find babies outside of the size range will fit into the onesie for longer than the recommended age as the fabric will move with them as they grow in length and width.

While this size information may not seem critical at the time of discomfort when you are cutting the tags off, trust me from experience once you want to organise a wardrobe or hand on to another loved one knowing the size becomes extremely important for your time and patience.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a new baby or dressing one of your own and want a onesie that softly nuzzles the neck rather than scratching at it like an out-of-control cactus look no further.

Fold Over Cuffs

Our onesies feature a fold over cuff on both hands and feet. This helps to ensure bubs hands and feet are warm or cool depending on the weather.

Another benefit of the fold over hand cuffs is to protect bubs face from scratches from their surprisingly sharp nails.

While the fold over feet cuffs help to increase the longevity of use for the onesie particularly once they start walking.

Washing Details

Wash before wear

Cold gentle machine wash

Do not bleach

Don't soak for too long this may cause fading

Do not tumble dry excessively

Warm iron inside out (but not necessary because who could be bothered)

Do not dry clean save yourself the money

table with the size guide broken down by age, height and weight